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Peripheral Vascular and Aortic Clamps

You've wanted a temporary occlusion system that is less traumatic, lower in profile, and able to provide better procedural access and control. Now you've got it. The iNtrack® System helps ensure patient safety, giving you confidence and peace of mind.


  • Available in a variety of configurations, including curves.
  • Slim jaw profile increases surgical access and visualization.
  • Latex free insert surface increases patient safety by providing maximal security and traction while reducing vessel trauma.
  • Precision ratchets provide smooth, sure occlusion.
  • These inserts are available in 4 lengths with varying degrees of compliance and traction. The need for multiple configurations of inserts per length are reduced since each length can bend to any shape of the clamp jaws currently available.

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N10135 Multipurpose Clamp, Arched Handle, 55º Jaw Orientation
Total Length: 11
Insert Length: 86

N10136 Multipurpose Clamp Straight Handle, Straight Jaw Orientation
Total Length: 12.6
Insert Length: 86

N10159 Bahnson Clamp, Bend at Boxlock Handle, 35º Jaw Orientation
Total Length: 10
Insert Length: 86