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Intrack® XT

Peripheral Vascular Clamps

Technology Vital to Hemostasis™

The iNtrack® XT is designed for adult cardiac and peripheral vascular surgery, when you need a critical balance between the weight, feel and pressure of the instrument vs. the size and delicacy of the vessel.


  • Comparable in size to pediatric clamps, but for use in adult surgery.
  • Able to fit into tight spaces and accommodate small and delicate vessels.
  • Utilizes latex free, atraumatic inserts with the iNtrack® technology.
  • Precision-milled with grooves cut into the channel to allow the track of the iNtrack® insert to slide in, allowing the insert to conform to virtually any configuration.

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N10138 Conforming, 20/box
Insert Length: 45
N10171 Standard Traction, 20/box
Insert Length: 45